Darcheinu is Endorsed by the Vaad Roshei HaYeshiva of Torah Umesorah and is under the auspices of Harav Hillel David Shlit”a and Harav Elya Brudny Shlit”a

From Firefighting to Fire Prevention

Over the past decade, our communites have been fighting the fires that threaten to destroy “children at risk”– children who are bullied, self-harming, suffering from eating disorders, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts, going off the derech, struggling with mental illness, and being abused. The problem with fighting fires after they have erupted is that it is ineffective, expensive and results in significant damage to that which is most precious to us- our holy children and talmidim. The addition of single-focused curriculum models is a good first step but it is not nearly enough. Something has to change. We need to put as much thought and effort into preventing fires as we do into containing and fighting them.

The Tools

Once we decided to put significant effort into educating and preparing our children for the risks and warning signs so that they are armed to avoid the dangers that seem to lurk around every corner, we quickly realized that the answer would be found in SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Curricula. These curricula have been rigorously tested and statistically proven to reduce many issues that effect our children, such as emotional issues, bullying, healthy decision making, and so much more. Darcheinu’s evidenced based curriculum has the goal of increasing self-esteem and positive social skills. Darcheinu was established to customize the established and successful SEL curricula so that they are appropriate for yeshiva and bais yaakov students. With the guidance, advice, and approval of HaRav Elya Brudny Shlit’a, as well as being endorsed by Torah Umesorah, has the acumen and experience of our staff of curriculum writers—who live in and are members of the communities that Darcheinu serves. Our goal is to implement the Darcheinu curriculum to 260,000 orthodox Jewish students from 5th through 12th grade in nearly 800 school in North America, as well as school systems all around the globe.


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